Our Families

Each Family is Unique

“In my current apartment complex, there have been a lot of break-ins, bad language and selling of drugs. I am concerned about my children’s exposure to this activity and my dream is to own a yellow house with a white fence and a yard.”  — Valeria

Each Family has a vision for their children’s lives.

“We really want to be financially independent. We are working on finding new housing because we need more bedrooms than where we are staying now.”  –Chad

Life Guides is plugging families into existing resources in our community.

“My goal is to make my house a home and make sure that my children all attend and graduate from college”  — Hannah

By building Interpersonal Connections between families through monthly meetings, support systems are built.

“I am a single-parent with a two and a half year old daughter. I would like to increase support for myself and my daughter. I will really benefit from developing a social group on whom I can rely on.”        — Maria

Success- In the long run, we are looking to see the children end the cycle of poverty and realize the dreams that their parents had for them from the very beginning.

“I am a mother of five children. I was told my family has strength and persistence. We work well together and I have the desire to improve my family’s circumstances and make education a priority.”    — Anne